Traje triatlón Aropec Flying Fish 3/2mm stretch skin


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  • 3mm Super Stretch smooth skin on chest & front thigh
  • 2mm Super Stretch smooth skin back/arm/hip/leg
  • 3D superior super stretch smooth skin equip on arms, armpits, body sides, thigh sides, back, back waist, crotch, back knee and calf
  • It can maximize the limbs and body movement, and increase the comfortable feeling
  • Front chest & thighs emboss with special draining water channels for water flow diversion, making the swimming speed much quicker
  • Embossed skin neoprene install on elbows, to increase water speed for arm stroke, making the swimming speed much quicker
  • Equip with “Open Top Zipper” on back, to take off wetsuit much quicker
  • Skin seal & adjustable neckline with Velcro closure
  • Trible Glued & blind-stitched inside
  • Athlete can write personal name onto back zipper flapper
  • Printed with AROPEC LOGO on inner waist to show taking off here